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23.Apr.14 20 hours ago

My best friend 😘

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"We be that"

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Spending Easter with my one and only 🌻




90’s Cartoons With Drug Problems Will Take You to Nightmaretown

Artist Paul Ribera decided to ruin all of childhoods with warped and strung out versions of 90’s cartoons. Have fun trying to sleep ever again.

dear god no

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Artwork for sale and your own designs and ideas welcome.

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20.Apr.14 4 days ago
Yo Angel ! I meant to text you but i lost your number some how but anyways we should hang out more Brody ! It's been too long. Hit me up more often broski and send me a text so I can holla again (; lets get a baseball game soon.

Hell yeah bro! I’ve been wanting to hang out with all you guys and I texted you right now. You should hit me up more often and we should get a baseball game coming soon too bruh

19.Apr.14 5 days ago